Easter 2014 Concert photos by Raymond Roy

Easter 2014 3P8C7719 3P8C7720 3P8C7721 3P8C7723.jpg Shy Nala and big sister Kaylence, in their Easter dresses, await the start of the concert 3P8C7728 3P8C7729 3P8C7730.jpg Agnes Constable (in wheelchair) outlived Bernstein, Pavarotti and E. Power Biggs. At 100, she is accompanied by her daughter, son in law and grandson 3P8C7734 3P8C7735 3P8C7738.jpg Sentinal Albert checking out the crowd 3P8C7739 3P8C7741 3P8C7742 3P8C7743 3P8C7744.jpg Christian Blanco, visiting from Tijuana, enjoying a moment of musical bliss 3P8C7746 3P8C7747 3P8C7753 3P8C7754 3P8C7755 3P8C7756 3P8C7759 3P8C7760 3P8C7761 3P8C7762 3P8C7763 3P8C7764 3P8C7765 3P8C7766 3P8C7770 3P8C7771 3P8C7772 3P8C7773.jpg  I can listen to music and learn to go down steps at the same time 3P8C7774.jpg Dylan and momTahska loving the music DSC08663 DSC08665_tonemapped DSC08666 DSC08667 DSC08668 DSC08672

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