Concert program for Sunday Aug 30

At the weekly 2 p.m. concert,  Civic Organist Dr. Carol Williams will play the following selections:
America – Arranged by Carol Williams
Overture – Cohan/Berlin
After The Ball, Showboat – Harris
Stars, Les Miserables – Boubil/Sconberg
Expo Official March – Fred Stansfield
Overture from “Camelot” – Lerner & Loewe
Maria, West Side Story – Bernstein & Sondheim
I could have Danced all Night – Lerner & Loewe
Overture to Carousel – Rodgers & Hammerstein
Phantom of the Opera,Selection – Hart/Webber
Toccata – Iver Kleive
The National Anthem – Arranged by Carol Williams

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