Concert Program – Sunday Sept 23

At 2 p.m., enjoy the free hour-long Organ Concert featuring San Diego Civic Organist Emeritus Robert Plimpton, who will perform the following selections:

America the Beautiful – arr. R. Plimpton
Grand Choeur Dialogué – Eugène Gigout (1844-1925)
Fountain Reverie – Percy E. Fletcher (1879-1932)
“Little” Fugue in g minor – J. S. Bach (1685-1750)
Joshua Fit de Battle ob Jericho – Fela Sowande (1905-1986)
Impressions from an African Moonlight – Goodwin Sadoh (b. 1965)
(based on Nigerian children’s songs)
 1. Didactic Song: “He who behaves contemptuously to his or her parents will lead a woeful life.”
 2. Song of Wisdom: “Build your house on the rock.”
 5. Moonlight Toccata: “Oh my short child.” “Take care of your manners.”
Two Character pieces
 Donkey Dance – Robert Elmore (1912-1985)
 The Squirrel (Scherzino) – Powell Weaver (1890-1951)
El Flautista alegré – Roman Noble (1925-1999)
Toccata in b minor – Eugène Gigout
The National Anthem
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