5 pm Pacific Time June 28 – Memorial Organ Concert for Jared Jacobsen from Chautauqua

Sunday, June 28 at 5pm Pacific Time (8 pm Eastern), the Chautauqua Institution presents a memorial concert on the Massey organ in honor of Jared Jacobsen, organist at Chautauqua and former San Diego Civic Organist. The concert will be performed by Jared’s successor on the Massey organ bench, Joshua Stafford.

Hat tip to Dr. Charles Ballinger, a Spreckels Trustee who notified us of the concert. He notes–

The concert is coming from the auditorium at Chautauqua in western New York, where Jared played each summer for many years. Organist Joshua Stafford played this morning at the opening service of the summer season at Chautauqua.

Mr. Stafford was introduced this morning as having heard Jared at Chautauqua as a middle school student. He took some of his first organ lessons from Jared and later studied at Curtis and Yale.

Click here to download the app that Chautauqua uses to enable access. It’s available on a “free trial” basis. Learn more at the Chautauqua information link.
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