About the Spreckels Organ Society

All concerts on the Spreckels Organ are free to the public in accordance with the 1915 Deed of Gift whereby the brothers John and Adolph Spreckels gave the organ and pavilion to the City of San Diego.

Free music for
At the west side of the stage, this plaque is the dedication of Dec. 31, 1914.

To work cooperatively with the City in order to fulfill and expand upon the promise of regular free concerts on the City´s organ, the Spreckels Organ Society was founded in 1988. Its mission: to preserve, program, and promote the Spreckels Organ as a world treasure for all people.

The Spreckels Organ Society is a volunteer-driven 501-C-3 non-profit organization (Tax ID 33-0299072) that anyone may join. (Join or Donate at THIS LINK.)

Immediately upon its founding, the Society augmented the City-supported schedule of regular Sunday afternoon concerts by launching a multi-concert organ festival, inviting guest artists to present long-form concerts on a series of summer evenings, during a time when busy Balboa Park would be a bit quieter than usual. In 2021, the Society is planning the 33rd season of the San Diego International Organ Festival.

Learn more about the Spreckels Organ, built by the Austin Organ Company of Hartford, Connecticut, by CLICKING at THIS LINK.

Concerts on the Spreckels Organ are given every Sunday at 2 p.m. for one hour. During the COVID pandemic, concerts were offered solely on YouTube with a new video posting every Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. from March 22, 2020 through June 20, 2021, upholding the Sunday afternoon concert tradition.

Use THIS LINK to learn how the online concerts are being sustained.
Read more about the Society’s “COVID Survival Story” AT THIS LINK.

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Does the World’s Largest Outdoor Organ ever get wet?
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Since it does sometimes rain in San Diego — here’s how the organ is protected from the elements.

Inspiring Students

The Spreckels Organ Society maintains strong relations with other organizations to promote music education in general and pipe organ music in particular. Together with the San Diego chapter of the American Guild of Organists, the Society sponsors scholarship awards and an annual competition, enabling several student organists to perform for Sunday concert audiences each year.

The Jared Jacobsen Education Fund, a memorial to a beloved educator and former civic organist, underwrites the visits made by elementary school class groups to the Pavilion.

During the COVID period, the Society has developed a “loaner” organ program that can equip students with an organ at home to use for practice.

When schools are in session, these visits are scheduled as part of the menu of opportunities that Balboa Park institutions offer to Fifth graders in the San Diego Unified School District. The class visits include a mini-concert, a demonstration of how the pipes of the organ create sound, and a backstage look at this great instrument. They learn that, like the animals at the Zoo, the organ is owned by all the citizens of San Diego.

A Public Pavilion for Events of Every Type

In addition to organ concerts, the Spreckels Organ Pavilion functions as a venue for a diverse range of performances and events that are produced by other groups. The annual ´December Nights¨ celebration is one example, along with the 30-year summer tradition of ¨Twilight in the Park,¨ a live-music performance series held in the summer under the auspices of the Parks & Recreation Department.

The status of public health rules as to the limitations on the size of public gatherings is the key to understanding when live events may once again be organized at the Organ Pavilion. Without controlled entrances, the Pavilion is a place where people come and go at will. Unlike an outdoor museum, the venue has no paid staff to monitor compiance with social distancing rules.

In future days when the protection of public health allows for large gatherings, groups that seek to use the Pavilion for events — with or without the music of the organ — can apply for a permit to use the venue by contacting the San Diego Park & Recreation Office of Developed Regional Parks at 619-235-1169. CLICK HERE to learn more; until further notice, such permits are not being issued.

A Musical Family: the Spreckels Organ Society

At any given time, the Spreckels Organ Society boasts approximately 1,000 members who renew annually. Membership benefits include:

  • 10% gift shop discount
  • Invitations to member events
  • Close-up volunteer opportunities – CLICK HERE for more info
  • Support for musical programming and educational scholarships

Special Events are Typically Scheduled

  • A gathering of up to 100 for lunch, plus a special organ concert and a tour offered by Curatorial staff that explores the organ´s wind chest and pipe loft;
  • A “Bachs” Supper gathering before one of the summer concerts;
  • A Beer/Wine Tasting event



President: Jean Samuels
Vice President: Dang Nguyen
Vice President: Manuel Aguilar
Vice President: Gordon Stanley
Secretary: Gary Allard
Treasurer: Tom Warschauer


Charles Ballinger
Andrea Card
Ronald De Fields
Len Filomeo
Dennis Fox
Dwight Gordon
Montserrat Hohnhorst
Robert Kilian
Marion Persons
Robert Plimpton
Lynn Reaser
Paulette Rodgers-Leahy
Lea Schmidt-Rogers
David Stout
Randy Ward
Arlene Way

Ex Officio Trustees

Lyle Blackinton, Organ Curator Emeritus
Dale Sorenson, Organ Curator
Raúl Prieto Ramírez, Civic Organist
Ross Porter, Executive Director

In 2016, the Society published this 80-page fully-illustrated Centennial History.
Watch for the launch of the new Online Gift Shop
where you can purchase this and other fine souvenirs of the Spreckels Organ.

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