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Live Concerts Continue

Enjoy another Sunday in the sunshine at Spreckels Organ Pavilion with a live concert at 2 p.m. Thanks to photographer Bob Lang for taking photos at recent concerts! June 27 concert opening earned local news coverage! – CLICK HERE for…

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Taking the Title Concert

Five Years Ago – April 23, 2016: A second major Centennial concert was held to celebrate the completed installation of all the new organ pipes from the Drive to 5,000 Pipes campaign. It was the “Taking the Title” concert, since…

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Our COVID year

Who imagined it would be so long?

It’s been a year since organ concerts began showing exclusively online. Link to the COVID story of the Spreckels Organ Society.

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Behind the Scenes for Halloween

Here’s a link to the backstage photos of the creation of Spreckels Organ’s 2020 Halloween concert, plus a link to view the finished product.

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“Timing is Everything”

How to time the needed replacement of the sensitive impeller blades in the “lungs” of the Spreckels Organ?

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