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Photos: Finale Concert

  The August 28 concert brought Carol Williams back to the Organ Pavilion in style! Councilmember Chris Ward presented San Diego’s proclamation of Carol as Civic Organist Emerita. And that was only the beginning of the fun! See the whole…

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Photos: Movie Night

Here’s a link to the Movie Night photos: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2017/170821movie/

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Photos – Full Moon Aug 7

Bob Lang and Mike Cox did a great job with photography, capturing not only the Full Mon but also Christian Lane’s fine appearance onstage. Click here: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2017/170807lane/index.htm#34  

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Photos: Ken Cowan on July 31

Thanks to Bob Lang and Mike Cox for their great photography – click on this link to see the photos of Ken’s concert on July 31: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2017/170731cowan/

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Photos: Gordon Turk’s concert

Bob Lang took some great shots of Gordon Turk when he played at the Pavilion on July 24. Together with Mike Cox, the two have posted a great photo essay available at this link: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2017/170724turk/  

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