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Photos – Russ Peck’s concert

Mike Cox captured a few memorable moments during Russ Peck’s recent guest appearance at the Spreckels Organ. Click on this link to see the full set of photos.

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Photos – Concert tribute to Kate Sessions Nov. 8

Mike Cox has taken some excellent photos of the concert that Bob Plimpton played in tribute to Kate Sessions, “the mother of Balboa Park.” Here soloist Patricia McAfee sings as Bob plays, assisted by Lyle Blackinton. See all the concert…

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Photos from Halloween!

Great work from Bob Lang and Mike Cox at this link. In the photo, Chris Elliott plays the Spreckels Organ to accompany the 1926 silent thriller Phantom of the Opera. You can see the chandelier on the movie screen, about…

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Photos from Movie Night with Donald MacKenzie

Harold Lloyd starred on the silver screen and Donald MacKenzie furnished the sound track for a hilarious Silent Movie Night. This photo by Mike Cox shows some of those who launched the festivities with a picnic on the Pavilion’s rear…

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Photos online from August 17

The marvelous concert by Paul Jacobs is captured in photos by Bob Lang, at this link: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2015/150817sofjacobs

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