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Photos – Young Organist concerts

On June 3 and again on June 17, four young organists performed onstage. Photo links below with thanks to volunteer photographer Bob Lang. These talented young players were part of the Spreckels – American Guild of Organists local scholarship competition….

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Photos – June 3 Young Organists

Volunteer photographer Bob Lang got some excellent shots of the four young organists who performed along with Raúl at the June 3 concert. Here’s a backstage moment with Raúl and Leslie Wolf Robb. Click here to see the whole photo…

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Photos – Saturday May 26

Spreckels Organ Society celebrated with its park neighbors to mark the 150th anniversary of the park’s founding. Raúl played two afternoon concerts, captured in photos here: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2018/180526raul/  

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Concert Photos: Saturday April 14

The Inaugural Evening Concert was a dramatic break from tradition! Photos here: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2018/180414raul/index.htm#40

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Photos – March 11 concert

“The Simpsons? – where?” – Yes, the Simpsons theme was on Raúl’s March 11 program! See this and other great photos by Bob Lang at this link: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2018/180311raul/index.htm#31

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