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Photos: 2018 Season Finale Concert

The Organ Festival Season wrapped on Labor Day with a rocking tribute to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Great photos by Bob Lang here: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2018/180903finale/index.htm#76 More great concerts ahead! Every Sunday at 2 p.m. This Sunday Sept 9 – Raúl’s…

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Photos – Movie Night 2018

Harold Lloyd made a personal appearance at movie night, in the form of volunteer board member Manny Aguilar, to promote the Society’s special water bottles for dogs. All the   magic of this year’s Silent Movie Night, featuring organist Steven Ball,…

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Photos – August 6 concert

Lisa Shihoten and Ken Cowan offered a beautiful music program on Monday, August 6, 2018. For the full set of pictures taken by volunteer photographer Bob Lang, go to: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2018/180806Cowan/index.htm#22

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Photos – Chelsea Chen and Joseph Lee concert

It was a beautiful warm evening on July 29, 2018 for a superb concert by Chelsea Chen and Joseph Lee. The full set of Bob Lang’s photos can be enjoyed at: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2018/180730chen/

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Photos – Bradley Welch concert

Here’s a sample of the great photos our volunteer photographer, Bob Lang, has posted from Bradley Welch’s concert on July 23. See the full set here: http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2018/180723welch/index.htm#28

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