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Fountain Restored in House of Hospitality

Woman of Tehuantepec is a Donal Hord sculpture, part of a 1935 fountain installation in the House of Hospitality in San Diego. Refurbished in 2014 by Balboa Park Central, now becoming the Balboa Park Conservancy. Still lovely after all these years...

Woman of Tehuantepec is a sculpture by Donal Hord, part of a 1935 fountain installation in the House of Hospitality in San Diego. Just last month the fountain and sculpture were refurbished by Balboa Park Central. “Still lovely after all these years…”

Sunday at 2 p.m: concert by Alison Luedecke

Fantasy in G major, BWV 572 – J. S. Bach
Concerto in a minor, BWV 593 – J. S. Bach
i. Allegro
ii. Adagio
iii. Allegro
Prelude and Fugue in D, BWV 532 – J. S. Bach
Hornpipe Humoresque – Noel Rawsthorne
Prelude – Theodore Dubois
Piece Heroique – Cesar Franck
The Star Spangled Banner – Arranged by Dudley Buck

Alison Luedecke

Alison Luedecke

Photos – Jelani Eddington Concert July 7

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Concert at 2 p.m. Sunday July 13

  • Dr. Carol Williams, San Diego Civic Organist

    Wyatt Smith, Guest Organist


    America                                              Arranged by Carol Williams

    Welcome – Lyle Blackinton, Spreckels Organ Co-Curator

       Agincourt Hymn                               John Dunstable (ca. 1390-1453)      

        Concerto No. 2                                    Matthew Camidge (1764-1844)

        Fantasia                                                                 J. C. Kittel (1732-1809)

     Guest Selection – Wyatt Smith, Yale Institute of Sacred


     Remarks from the Spreckels Organ Society

        Blue Danube Waltz                                Johann Strauss II (1825-99)

        Thunder & Lightning Polka                                 Johann Strauss II

        Scottish Melodies                             Arranged by Carol Williams

        Venus Toccata, Op. 9                     Carol Williams (Contemporary)

     The National Anthem Arranged by Carol Williams

  • A truly great day for umbrella rentals.

    A truly great day for umbrella rentals.

Photos of the June 30 Concert

Monte Maxwell of the US Naval Academy Chapel and the Navy Band Southwest were introduced by the Navy Mayor and a Color Guard. Clink on the link to see Robert Lang’s photos of the occasion.


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