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Official Centennial Concert Photos

Spreckels Organ Society photographers Bob Lang and Mike Cox have posted a bevy of photos showing highlights of the Centennial Concert, along with backstage peeks and a series taken during the concert rehearsal as well. Click on this link to see them — http://sosorgan.org/photogallery/2014/141231Centennial/


Facebook photos of Centennial concert 12-31-2014


The evening began with a drapery curtain over the pipe facade.

The evening began with a drapery curtain over the pipe facade.

Sunday Jan. 11 at 2 p.m. with Jared Jacobsen

At intermission, former Civic Organist Jared Jacobsen makes the

Jared Jacobsen, Former San Diego Civic Organist, offers A “Cook’s Tour” of the Organ


    Introduction and Passacaglia in D Minor –  Max Reger (1873-1918)

Flute Stops:

   The Squirrel (Scherzino)   –   Powell Weaver (1890-1951)

Principal Stops:

   Toccata in C Major, S. 564  –  Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Reed Stops:

   Fanfare for Organ  –  John Cook (1918-1984)

String Stops:

   “Liebestod” from the music-drama Tristan und Isolde, Act III   –   Richard Wagner (1813-1883)

           Arranged for organ by Richard Hebble

The Toy Counter:

“Malagueña” from “Andalucia”–Suite Espagnole  –   Ernesto Lecuona (1895-1963)

         Arranged for organ by Jared Jacobsen

   Ashokan Farewell  –  Jay Ungar (b. 1946)

       Arranged for organ by James Welch

Traditional melodies, arranged for multiple organists by

   Sylvia Sheblessy: Yangtze Doodle  

with special guest Annamarie Pearson, Spreckels Organ Society Intern, Winter 2014

Curator Dale Sorenson turns the pages for Annamarie Pearson - 2015

Curator Dale Sorenson turns the pages for Annamarie Pearson – 2015


   Toccata from Symphonie V   –    Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937)

National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner

Sunday, Jan. 4 at 2 p.m.

For this concert, Dr. Carol Williams, San Diego Civic Organist, is joined by Annamarie Pearson, Guest Organist from St. Olaf College in Minnesota.

America — Arr. by Carol Williams
Festiva! – Carol Williams (Contemporary)
Fantasia – J. C. Kittel (1732-1809)
Holiday for Pedals! – Gordon Young (1918-98)

Annamarie Pearson will perform the Festival Toccata – Percy Fletcher (1879-1932)

Spreckels Centennial Fanfare, Op. 14 – Carol Williams
(This piece was premiered on Dec. 31)

Sousa on Parade – Arranged by Carol Williams
A Little Bit of Scotland – Arranged by Carol Williams
Praise Thee Lord – Iver Kleive (Contemporary)
The National Anthem – Arranged by Carol Williams

Sunday Concert Dec. 21 – 2 p.m. – Sing-a-long!

The National Anthem – Arranged by Carol Williams
Processional – Tylman Susato (c.1500-61)
Noel – L. C. Daquin (1694-1772)
Greensleeves – Traditional
The Christmas Song – Torme/Wells
Joy to the World G. F. Handel (1685-1759)
Praise Thee Lord – Iver Kleive
Winter Wonderland – Felix Bernard (1897-1944)
Sing-a-long With Carol, with Ross Porter and audience participants
Hallelujah Chorus G. F. Handel (1685-1759)

The Dog Parade.The Dachshund Society of San Diego will join us for a Weiner Wonderland Holiday Pooch Parade, after which everybody sings!