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 Volunteers Needed

Spend some of your Sunday with Us!

Help put on the Live Organ Concerts

Volunteers govern the Society and accomplish much of its day-to-day work.  It’s expected that a Volunteer will also be a current dues-paying member of the Spreckels Organ Society. 

When volunteering, we are civic ambassadors. We seek volunteers who are curious and diligent about all tasks, and who cultivate the arts of active listening with fellow teammates and the public. We demonstrate San Diego’s civic values, offering an open-hearted welcome to all, working at the challenges of full inclusion and sharing the miracle of Public Equity that is the whole of Balboa Park.

Sunday Concert Team Member

With a new concert every week, Sundays will soon be especially busy. Sunday concert volunteers should expect to arrive at the Pavilion around 1 p.m., stay for the concert, and finish up by 4 p.m. The training depends on the job —

Setup Crew – Assistant Greeter – Gift Shop – Docent

You’ll be assigned to shadow a seasoned member of the volunteer crew during one or more concerts; much of the training is “on the job” though you may receive readings or other study tips for specific skill development. All volunteers are expected to sign up for their shifts as well as to show up; to keep the time commitments that they make or to arrange for a qualified substitute.  

How to get started: Inquire at the Membership Table or at the Gift Shop the next time you’re attending a concert. For each of the activities above, you can learn more about Duty Times, Job Activities, the Training process, and skills required.

(New detailed job descriptions are being assembled to answer these questions.)

You may also contact the Spreckels Organ Society office at 619-702-8138.

Team Member for Nighttime Concerts and Special Events 

Evening “Festival” concerts and special events are more complicated than the Sunday  concerts, with added needs for setup and cleanup, special needs, and the need to accommodate larger crowds. Volunteers for these events are selected from among the pool of seasoned volunteers, so that the concert support teams know one another and what’s expected. 

Are you a student? 

We can work with your faculty advisor to create an independent study program focused on the mathematics of sound, the organization of events, the history of music, and more. Send a three to five paragraph written description of your interests and your learning goals to: sosorgan@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name, grade level, school name, and advisor contact.

Beyond the Concerts, Volunteers Add to Resources: The Music Library / Better Organization & Outreach

Archival Assistant

Duty times: Two to four hours at a time, by arrangement with the Archive Manager.

Activity Description: assist in the cataloguing of CDs that are being accessioned to the Society’s music library.

Training requirements: keyboard and spreadsheet proficiency, ability to spot and discern publication information on CDs and packaging.

Office Volunteer

Duty times: Two or more hours at a time, by arrangement with the Executive Director.

Activity description: assist in the preparation of mailings, filing, input and analysis of information to computer programs, work on the telephone, other light office work.

Training requirements: speedy grasp of jobs at hand, cheerfulness.

Special Note: 

     If you love to work Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, you may enjoy helping to promote the Society’s online presence on these platforms. 

     Similarly, if you’re learning or working in WordPress, Constant Contact, Photoshop, or other presentation development tools, consider volunteering to aid the Society in the development of its online archives, web-based backgrounders, program notices, etc. 

     To define and work on such activities, send an email to sosorgan@gmail.com describing your study goals, subject of interest, the foundation skills you’re building on, and days/times when you may be generally available for volunteer work. 


Duty times: Monthly meetings of 2 hours, plus committee and volunteer time.

Activity description: Volunteer leaders of the Spreckels Organ Society. Trustees are elected annually in November. If you’re interested in volunteer leadership, contact a member of the Society’s Nominating Committee no later than September 15 of each year to be considered for nomination.

Requirements: A current resume with description of previous or ongoing Volunteer service with Spreckels Organ Society in a variety of job positions, whatever similar experience you’ve had at other organizations; education and career experience, professional credentials, skills/talents, etc.

Let us know where your interests are!
Contact sosorgan@gmail.com
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