Volunteers make the world go around! Thanks for your support, any way it’s given.

Support our concerts at the magnificent Spreckels Organ Pavilion in beautiful Balboa Park.  Concerts are possible only with the dedicated support of a volunteer cadre that organizes all the back stage and public area support for our artists and enthusiastic audiences that can number in the thousands during the summer International Organ Festival.

 Volunteer Positions

Concert Greeter Assistant
Duty times: 1-1/4 hours before concert until 20 minutes after concert, Sunday afternoons year round (1-1/2 hours before concert on Monday evenings in summer until 20 minutes after).
Activity description: Assist our greeters by welcoming visitors, distributing programs, answering general questions, and returning greeting station materials into the Pavilion at end of shift.
Training requirements: shadow the concert greeters for one or two concerts to learn about the Spreckels organ and how it works, its history, and our programming.

Gift Shop Assistant
Duty times: one hour before concert until 45 minutes after concert, Sunday afternoons year round and Monday evenings in summer.
Activity description: work with sales team to set up and take down gift shop, welcome potential customers, keep retail items organized, and answer questions about merchandise.
Training requirements: assist for two concerts, 15 minute one-on-one training with lead salesperson.

Refreshment Crew Member
Duty times: Monday evening concerts during summer – typically 6 p.m. until end of concert.
Activity description: Set up, resupply, take down, and serve the public.
Training requirements: observation / orientation of about 1 hour, and 15 minutes of one-on-one training with team lead.

Pavilion Crew Member
Duty times: 1.5 hours before and/or 1 hour after concert, Sunday afternoons year round and Monday evenings in summer. Specify pre- or post-concert availability, or both.
Activity description: physical work including set up and retrieval of tables, chairs, sunshades or umbrellas, hanging banners, placing signs, bringing supplies to other team members; take down and put away tables, chairs, sunshades, etc.; other duties as assigned.
Training requirements: shadow the house manager for one or two concerts.

Sound/Lighting Technician
Duty times:  Typically 5-7 pm Monday evenings in summer to set up and 45 minutes after concert to take down and put away.
Activity description: work with operations team to set up and take down speakers, microphones, and lights for concerts.  Prior experience in stage productions or radio/TV is preferred.

Training requirements: shadow the lead technician for one or two concerts.

Office Volunteer
Duty times: one or more hours at a time, by arrangement.
Activity description: assist in prep of mailings, filing, fulfillment of sales orders, input of information to computer program, other light office work.
Training requirements: speedy grasp of jobs at hand, cheerfulness.

Duty times: Monthly meetings of 2 hours, plus committee and volunteer time.
Activity description: Volunteer leadership of the Spreckels Organ Society.

Training requirements: Volunteer service with Spreckels Organ Society or other organizations; professional or artistic leadership skills.

Contact sosorgan@gmail.com to get started!

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