Volunteers make the world go around! Thanks for your support, any way it’s given.

Concert Greeter
Duty times: 45 min before concert to 20 minutes after concert, Sunday afternoons and/or summer Monday evenings.
Activity description: distribute programs, answer general questions, supervise donation box and bring into Pavilion at end of shift.
Training requirements: less than half an hour of orientation, can observe at any concert.

Gift Shop Salesperson
Duty times: one hour before concert until 45 minutes after concert.
Activity description: work with sales team to set up and take down gift shop, operate the cash register and charge card machine, greet and sell to the public.
Training requirements: assist for two concerts, 15 minute one-on-one training with lead salesperson.

Refreshment Crew Member
Duty times: Monday concerts during summer – confirm exact hours with team captain.
Activity description: Resupply, set up, take down, and serve the public.
Training requirements: observation / orientation of about 1 hour.

Pavilion Crew Member
Duty times: 1.25 hours before to 1 hour after concert
Activity description: physical work including set up and retrieval of sunshades or umbrellas, hanging banners, placing signs, bringing supplies to other team members, other duties as assigned
Training requirements: shadow the house manager for one or two concerts.

Office Volunteer
Duty times: one or more hours at a time, by arrangement.
Activity description: assist in prep of mailings, filing, fulfillment of sales orders, input of information to computer program, other light office work.
Training requirements: speedy grasp of jobs at hand, cheerfulness.

Duty times: Monthly meetings of 2 hours, plus committee and volunteer time.
Activity description: Volunteer leadership of the Spreckels Organ Society.

Training requirements: Volunteer service with Spreckels Organ Society or other organizations; professional or artistic leadership skills.
Contact info@spreckelsorgan.org to get started!

Society Trustee, Don Snowden, greets organ fans.